Kat Barrett's Books

When I'm not writing, I love to airbrush and paint. I added a few pics of paintings and sculptures I did.

I recently airbrushed the fenders and the tank for the Harley Trike that my husband built me for Christmas. I used to love to ride before I messed up my knees. Once it warms up outside, now I can enjoy that again.

I used to love writing in school. Many years later, when I had surgery to replace a crushed disk in my neck, I needed something to do. I was not allowed in a car for eight weeks, and one night I had a really wild dream. I woke up and went, "Wow, that was cool. I should write that down."

That dream was the beginning of the Tazarian series. First I had to teach myself to type. Then I found out how far my gramatical skills had digressed. Many books, and a few editors later, my writing has greatly (thankfully) improved.

I live in my small Connecticut home with my husband of many years, and spend way too much time at the computer.

I try to follow the concept of write what you know. I had many friends who were into witchcraft when I was younger. Those experiences are often relayed in my books.

I am also a watcher. I take in things around me for my books, facial expressions, different things people do. I feel it adds realism to my characters, and I try to make each one an individual. I obviously prefer men with longer hair. :)  

I'm also involved with BRAT Basenji rescue. I had a basenji aptly named Taz The Red Devil for almost 13 years. He shared his house with his "sister" Ashle who was a basenji mix. Ashle came from our vet's office when someone discovered that her mother was pregnant and dumped her on the side of the road. Sigghh... They are both dearly missed.

If you want a basenji, please do your homework. They are very smart and test your patience constantly. I will add some more photos later.