So far, I have finished 22 books in this series. Some of them were written years ago and need to be redone because my writing style has changed so much. I would eventually like to publish more of them, but I have been writing romance, and there are only so many hours in a day...


I also dabble in artwork, and will post some of my stuff up on my about page. I did the covers for these five books myself. 

Book 1 From The Sphere To The Grave was airbrushed on fabric. I have the design tattooed on my right leg.

Book 2 Song Of The Warbler was done with a combination of photoshop and sketching. The Badger's fur was created with my hair. 

Book 3 The Double Sided Wish was airbrushed. Not exactly what I wanted in afterthought, but???

Book 4  To Catch A Crystal Dream was fun. My hand, my father's crystal, a sunset I had taken a photo of, and a watering can. 

Book 5 Winds Of The Moon was my vision of Taz in that book, looking kind of lost. Again it was airbrushed on fabric. 




The Double Sided Wish is the third in the ongoing Tazarian Series

Meteors fall on Hyla setting forth events that send the population into a deep sleep from which only water can arouse them. Crystal is the only one awake to see the remaining half of the falling Orb collide with MatherathMountain.

She wakes up on earth, 45 cycles in the past, her body atrophied from four months in a coma. Her now altered past life is repeating itself, and she begins a desperate journey to heal her frozen flesh and return to Hyla to save the future as she knows it.

The family and all of Hyla’s healers are faced with the battle of life verses death; living verses the quality of life. They are forced to test their vows to the beings of Hyla and choose who will live or die.


Crystal and Lucas Tazarian have thrived as Hyla’s two highest powers.

They are healers, their existence filled with the love of family and friends.

On the verge of their twentieth bonding sun, a rouge entity has come to power on their orb and has set its sights on Crystal.

The warbler is an uncaring force with a vicious imagination and an unmerciful lust for Crystal’s life energy.

An adult tale, punctuated with the love that a family can share and the blackest anguish life can offer.

Crystal lives the first twenty-seven years of her life as a housewife and mother, out of place in her existence. She is a wild spirit who is suddenly unleashed into another world, far from her twentieth century reality.

Lucas Tazarian is Hyla’s high sorcerer, a lone spirit, free in his life and his ideas. His existence is forever changed on the moon he carries Crystal’s life energy into Hyla to take its place in his adopted sister’s flesh. Taz is her teacher, her mentor and through the calling of the power they hold, becomes her lover, mate and protector.

Visually suggestive, the text is occasionally sexual, or violent in nature.

A new book should be an adventure where you can fly on a dragon,

walk in a castle, or think through the character's mind.

Crystal is a 20th centure housewife who finds herself in a matching body on a world filled with amazing magic that can heal or destroy. Her mate is a corcer named Lucas Tazarian. Crystal calls him Taz. Together they strive to build a life together despire those who seek ot destroy them. It is an adult science fiction fantasy that will capture your imagination and hold you until the last page.


Taz and Crystal Tazarian have found peace in their lives though it is short lived as they are once again plunged into magic’s undertow.

The Wizard of the Moons steals Sorcerer Lucas Tazarian, body and soul, as a plaything for his concubines. Taz has no memory of his previous life on Hyla, yet his dreams are haunted by a beautiful and loving woman.

Crystal opens her eyes to a spelled reality where four phases have passed in a matter of suns. She has been accused of Taz’s murder. Her sole purpose becomes the quest to get back the man she loves, no matter what the cost.


Crystal is struck in the head by lightning, which allows the broken memories of her alter life energy Lylith, to gain control of the body. Crystal’s mind is spelled into a crystal ball, meant to hold bad dreams.

That single moment leads Taz and Crystal down a path of pain and emotional strife.

Lylith and Asher plot to undermine the family, as Hyla is engulfed by darkness so complete that life magic can’t be used. Crystal is left with no choice but to steal antibiotics from Earth. She returns the become Hyla’s savior, only to be spelling into a state where she steadily declines into an ill-tempered woman who stresses everyone’s patience to its limits.


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